KlimaNet owners can control their Daikin air conditioners from anywhere

iOS app in cooling mode

“You can talk to her about everything.”

No matter where you are, if your smartphone is ON.

iOS app in heating mode
  • The newest and easiest way to control your Daikin air conditioner.
  • Purchase and install a Klimanet KKRP01A adapter for each system you wish to control.
  • Free registration on our website.
  • Download the KlimaNet app for your iOS or Android phone.
  • Enjoy the benefits:
    • Turn your AC on at home before your arrival
    • Check AC status when you're away
    • Multi-level control for use by others, i.e. children
    • Email notifications for preselected events
    • Group control (up to 32 units)
    • Server room system rotation and backup
iOS app in cooling mode

Download your free iOS or Android app for your phone.

Note: to connect your smartphone to your Daikin air conditioner you must purchase and install the KlimaNet KKRP01A adapter. Available now for 198,- € * from our shop. Price includes free lifetime access to klimanetonline.com.

* VAT included

“It is very likely that if you have just decided to control air conditioner, you are holding your phone but not the remote controller (you would have to find it)”

Experience of our customer

“If the system goes wrong don't call me. Why? Because I call you!”