KlimaNet owners can control their Daikin air conditioners from anywhere

More about KlimaNet

Klimanet KKRP01A Online Controller Klimanet support 3 ways of controlling your air-conditioner:
  • 1st: autonomous operation of Klimanet via included web-page inside local network (default IP:, without Internet connection.
  • 2nd: remotely through server www.klimanetonline.com outside of home or office, Internet connection is essential.
  • iPhone and Android application, Internet connection and active account on server www.klimanetonline.com is essential.
Next benefits:
  • Online check of your air conditioner status, malfunction detection with Error Code helps to speed up time neccessary for the repairment
  • Group control - up to 32 units run synchronous
  • weekly timer
  • connectable with superior automatic system (building management system, home automation)
  • fix or mobile Internet connection
  • accessories expand its functionality
When should I use the Online Controller Klimanet?
  • before your arrival to home (office, cottage,...)
  • remote parental control of well-balanced temperature setting, when children are home alone
  • unique tool for paralyzed and disabled people, they can control air conditioning on their own by specialized computers
  • save energy
  • cooling of sensitive technologies (server rooms, IT telecommunication, power engineering)